Unity College Students Participate in Community Weatherization Program

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Here is something we wish there was a little more of: community members, in this case Unity College (ME) students, going out in the community to help provide a little elbow grease for the planet and for the community pocketbook. The program, Neighbors Warming Neighbors, trains college students on how to weatherize a home and then teams go out and get to sealing. Sounds like a great idea, not just for

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Unity College students spent two weekends this November going to houses in their neighborhood and helping homeowners weatherize for winter. In total, almost two dozen homes were upgraded. Teams of four or five students went to each home, armed with a kit of weatherization equipment specific to the house. After the home was "upgraded" the homeowner was left with additional materials to maintain the weatherization as well as suggestions to further reduce energy consumption and a blanket.

The Neighbor Warming Neighbor program was created to both help homeowners support themselves (and reduce their energy bills) this winter, as well as lower the carbon footprint of the town. The program is sponsored by the Unity Barn Raisers - a non-profit group that works to support and develop small town character, while improving the local economy. Not only is this project a great idea in terms of saving energy, but it also strengthens the community by allowing neighbors to interact and meet each other at their needs.

Homeowners interested in sealing their homes for winter can check out a few of our resources on energy saving methods, like fixing windows and how to ">spend your weatherization money wisely, and why its important to insulate to both lower energy needs and reduce your electricity bill. There are government programs that can also provide a little funding for proper weatherization.

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