Uni offers Degree in Green Business Management


As Australian universities slowly gear up to open their lecture halls and wifi hubs to students, after the long summer break, we happened upon a new course that sounds intriguing. The University of Queensland's Gatton campus is offering for the first time this year a Bachelor of Business (in Sustainable Enterprise Management). In the media release, course coordinator Paul Dargusch, says students should expect to gain skills suited to challenges such as climate change, rising fuel prices and diminishing water resources, as well as an understanding of new markets for environmentally sustainable products, carbon trading and better business and social relations. He observes that, "the big advantage of the degree is that you can still get the jobs you can get with a traditional business degree but this opens up new career opportunities in international development, environmental management and emerging business venture." Similar agenda to the US based MBA in Sustainable Business we mentioned the other day. The uni is expecting the course's graduates could "expect to work in marketing and mining, strategic consultancy, international development and aid, new product development, natural resource management and conservation, banking, finance and insurance and in government." Queensland University has its own eco programs happening internally as well. These include the Green Office Program, part of its environmental management system to reduce eco-impacts in faculty facilities. Coupled with this is the UniGreen program, which promotes promote responsible environmental initiatives throughout the Uni community. ::University of Queensland.

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