Un-TreeHugger: Zebrawood iPhone Case

zebrawood iphone case image

Image via Etsy

We love to support craftsmanship and products that last forever, but not when they're made from a threatened species of tree, and are pretty much pointless. This zebrawood iPhone case is an example. It's meant to protect your phone from scratches while in a purse or bag...but wouldn't you want to protect a zebrawood case from scratches?! Also, you can't access your iPhone without taking it completely out of the case, which makes it too inconvenient to be all that useful. There are some other more eco-friendly options we've seen, if you're bent on having some sort of wooden case.

Really, there's no denying it - this case is gorgeous. So, thumbs up on the craftsmanship. But big thumbs down on the materials choice.

Via Boing Boing
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