Un-TreeHugger: Vibrating Mascara Brushes

We post fairly often about the green and un-green sides of cosmetics; just the other day we talked about how lipstick can be chock full of lead, or how your mascara might contain mercury. But mercury isn't the only BS component we can find in mascara these days. If you look for it, you'll also find electronic parts...While I do indeed shop for mascara a couple times a year, I have to admit I had no idea you could get a mascara tube that will vibrate until yesterday when Make sent out a tweet that made me crack up, then groan, then say wtf. Yes indeed, NotCot got their hands on a mascara that boasts a vibrator within the tube's brush that will "aid in application." They took it apart to show you what electronic bits are inside:

It's bad enough that so many cosmetics contain toxins and frighteningly un-eco ingredients, and that the packaging is typically a nightmare for the environment. But to add e-waste on top of that? I'm guessing that the vast majority of users will toss this tube in the trash when the mascara runs out, and not properly recycle it so that the batteries and other components are diverted from landfills. So disappointing to see such a ridiculous way electronics are used and will end up in the waste stream.

And of course within the product's warnings are things like "Do not attempt to recharge the battery" and there's no mention made about properly recycling it.

A greener alternative? Have a really, really strong cup of (organic, fair trade, shade-grown) coffee about 15 minutes before applying your make-up...you'll get the same vibrating application effect.

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