Un-TreeHugger: Twist & Spout

twist-n-spout plasticrap photo

Photos via Green Upgrader

Plasticrap alert. Most of us are making an effort to remove plastic bottles from our lives. And we certainly don’t want anything around us that encourages their use. But that seems to be exactly what this greenwashed oddity is doing. The Twist & Spout is a piece of plastic that attaches to a plastic water bottle supposedly to extend its lifetime and green up your use of such items. As Green Upgrader notes:

The spout could be used for the obvious, such as watering the garden or perhaps attending to the family fish bowl. However, since this thing is made of plastic and aids in the consumption of plastic bottles (which the Twist and Spout requires for its function) does this really do the environment any good?

The answer is, no.

The worst part is that it comes in two sizes – a kitchen spout and a garden spout – encouraging people to buy two ridiculous pieces of plastic instead of one.

The actual solution: don’t buy plastic water bottles at all. If you really have a need to pour water on something, use a reusable container you already have laying around. Get creative because less is more.

Via Green Upgrader
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