Un-TreeHugger: The TowelSpa

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Sometimes the attempt to get luxury to the masses leads to making things that are just plain old silly. Hot towels are thought to be luxury items, apparently, though we're not sure why someone would go so far as to purchase a towel warmer for $80, just to have a towel that stays warm for, oh, 3 or 4 minutes.

From Brookstone's website:

Stop shivering and start enjoying the warmth of a heated Towel Spa!
Simply place a towel inside the Towel Spa, close the lid, and press the warming button. And you’ll have a perfectly toasty towel when you step out of the shower.

We're not exactly sure why anyone needs a warm towel after getting out of what is likely a warm shower, especially when that means wasting that much more electricity for fleeting comfort.

The thing uses a ridiculous 480 watts and is, of course, highly inefficient:

The warmer itself can reach temperatures on the inside wall of 300 degrees F. – Because towels are not a good transmitter of heat – typically half of that will transfer into the towel 140 – 150 degrees F.– about the same temperature as coming right out of a clothes dryer.

How about saving a cool $80 and a whole lot of energy, and put on a sweater and pair of socks after your shower.

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