Un-TreeHugger: The Inverted, "Trendy" Christmas Tree

Has anyone else heard this crazy talk about the hottest new upside-down Christmas tree "trend?" We've seen the pink trees, the snow-covered trees and aluminum trees and while reading the morning paper we came across this headline and was so astonished we wanted to write about it. Apparently stores that carry these new inverted, artificial trees can't keep them in stock. They are designed to fight gravity and keep their umbrella shape, whether it hangs from the ceiling or sits in the stand for a floor display. However strange this trend may be though, this isn't the first time it's been done. Germany hung their trees upside-down back in the 12th century to represent the Holy Trinity. Considered a "wow" kind of tree (uh, yeah, ya think?) by some retailers, certified-arborists are worried because this trend is catching on to the real pines as well. Because upside-down trees go completely against nature they would require special steps like bending the branches and misting the trees with water to prevent them from drying out. Retailers are excited because they are now "cashing in" on families that are buying multiple artificial trees for different rooms in the house. Even Christmas tree farms have plans to make some money off of this. For example, a woman in Georgia is in the process of designing a DIY upside-down tree with a real one she cut from her own farm. "Just think how easy it would be to put gifts under the tree," she says. We're not so sure we agree. Besides, what do we do with this ugly tree when this "trend" goes out of style? Via ::The Providence Journal