Un-TreeHugger: The Cherry-it Pitter

cherry it pitter photo

Image via Sur la Table

Kitchen gadgets are notorious for uselessness. Or rather, notorious for being so specialized that you only have a need for them once every few years, if more than once at all. They're a big source of plasticrap, and here is one shining example - the Cherry-It Pitter. The perk is supposedly the ability to pit up to four cherries at once. Okay, if you're making something that requires a lot of fresh pitted cherries asap, then yes, this could be helpful. But how often do any of us make something that requires so many cherries that we can't just use a utensil already in the kitchen drawer, or perhaps ask a neighbor or family member if you can bum a cherry pitter from them for the afternoon?

If a piece of plastic is so specialized that the only thing you can do with it is pit four cherries, then there is something seriously wrong with the design of the device, and seriously wrong with the fact that they're on the market - especially when they're being sold for (!?!) $15.

UPDATE: TreeHugger Alan found this gorgeous, very TreeHugger-friendly alternative to the above-mentioned plasticrap pitter. Check out a circa 1890 antique cherry stoner. Now this is a one-trick kitchen gadget that is worth having when you come across it in an antiques shop. It will get the job done, will last forever and so be an heirloom piece, and has great style - all features we love in a device.

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