Un-Treehugger Poster boys (and girl)

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Outside magazine, usually known for its fetching models and articles about fitness and adventure travel, occasionally does interesting enviro stories. In the May issue, just available online, read Earth Shakers: The Counter-Enviro Power List- profiles of un-treehuggers like Dick Cheney, Michael Crichton and Rush Limbaugh- the 20 most powerful voices leading the environmental counterrevolution.

"Whatever your politics, if you care about the future of America's natural resources and wild places, you need to know the power brokers driving the counter-enviro juggernaut. In the pages that follow, we examine the 20 men and women who have seized the initiative, confronted mainstream environmentalism, and left it reeling, demoralized, in disarray. And they say their work has only begun." ::Outside Online by[LA]