Un-TreeHugger: Get Cocoa Puffs (Literally) with Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler

Sometimes the whole "zero calorie" thing goes too far, like when it comes to enjoying chocolate. The latest thing is a chocolate inhaler called Le Whif. Yep, you read that right. Inhaling - and not in the figurative sense - is actually a way to consume chocolate now, thanks to a disposable tube good for ten hits. Er, puffs. Er, whifs. NPR brought my attention to Le Whif, which touts a "sweet as chocolate, light as air" treat. You pop the inhaler in your mouth, take a puff, and supposedly your taste buds go atwitter with the taste of chocolate.

But they come in $8 packs of three inhalers, good for ten whifs each, and then what...a whole lot of packaging. For chocolate flavored air. *facepalm*

NPR states, "Move over Willy Wonka and meet Harvard University professor David Edwards, the not-so-mad, biomedical scientist behind Le Whif. "We have created chocolate in a new form," Edwards says. That new form is an airborne variety that people can inhale instead of eat. Edwards knows lungs well. He usually works on designing inhalers that deliver medicine. But last year he and his lab students decided it would be fun to invent breathable chocolate. They broke it down into particles that float."

Please. If you want chocolate, go eat some Green & Black or other sustainable chocolate that a) comes in simple recyclable packaging and b) is actually good - even a little bit good for you!

They also have it for coffee. Groan.

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