Un-Treehugger: General Motors' Hybrid Strategy

gm-hybrid-suv-NOT!.jpgWe were reading some random article about automotive news when we saw an ad that read "hybrid Suvs". Intrigued that the URL under it was that of a GM Canada website, we clicked on it expecting to learn about GM's hybrid SUV projects or maybe even see a press release about a vehicle that would soon be released (why else buy ads?). Well, it turns out that the ad leads to a page about the H3 Hummer, a big boxy non-hybrid truck, and nothing on the page has anything to do with hydrids or fuel economy, except maybe the small print that says that the H3 is rated at 15.6 liters per 100 kilometers (15 miles per gallon - and real-world results are usually lower). So is that GM's hybrid strategy? To buy ads with "hybrid" keywords? No wonder things are going so well for them right now...


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