Un-TreeHugger: Cole Cleaner Soda Can Disinfector

cole can disinfection machine image

Image via Yanko Design

It's completely understandable that if you drink soda from a can, you'll want to wash the top. Considering the dust and pests these things come in contact with in warehouses, it's only smart. But all you need is some soap and water. Not a giant hunk of UV-blasting plastic!We can be thankful that this is just a concept design, by designer Leon Peng, and not an actual product. The idea is that the Cole (um, not "cola" and we don't know why not...) Cleaner blasts your can with bacteria-killing UV radiation. Yep - just what everyone needs in their kitchen.

While it's definitely gross to stop and think about what might occur to a soda can while waiting to be purchased, you have to stop and think of the millions upon millions of cans sipped upon every year without the drinker keeling over from a bacterial infection. There are bigger concerns to worry about when sipping from a soda can.

If you insist on soda, I'd stick with wiping or rinsing it off and using a glass.

Via Yanko Design
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