Un-Treehugger: Cellboost

cellboost.jpg We do at times feel like we have to tell you when we read about stuff that is clearly not Treehugger and since we've posted so many times on solar and wind-up batteries we can't believe that something like Cellboost would be getting press. Convenient, yes, but oh so bad for the environment. Cellboost touts the fact that so many people have cell phones die on them mid-sentence and that with their product, all you have to do is stick this battery, as small as a cigarette lighter, into your phone for another hour of talk time. We do think it's great that you can also charge your phone with this device when you aren't using it, solving the problem of cords and outlets and for $6 it might be even worth considering, until we read this: "When Cellboost is empty of power, simply discard it" and this is what they say is so "unique" about it. Send an email to info@cpsyst.com or click here and tell them to look into helping the earth. ::Cellboost [by KD]


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