Un-TreeHugger: Burying Yourself With A Plasma TV

excessive consumers grave
Excessive grave (photo via WickedReport)

Is it a hoax, a really bad joke, or a serious attempt to thumb an embalmed nose at death? We're not really sure, but it seems that the hole above could be one of the world's most tastelessly souped-up graves, where the lucky corpse can rot alongside amenities that the living would supposedly envy (or ridicule — more pictures after the fold).
grave with plasma TV

While others are bequeathing their body parts for activist causes, others are taking death and excess to the other extreme: the grave is complete with a bed, dresser, toiletries and wine. Energy- and maintenance-intensive marble mausoleums and sombre gardens I can kind of understand, but a plasma TV?

excessive grave mourners

With all due respect, look at these faces — far from deep mourning, they seem to say, "Are you kidding me?"

Via WickedReport
(images via WickedReport)

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