Un-TreeHugger: ActivIon For Transforming Water into...Water

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ActiveIon's Ionator HOM
is one of those gadgets that just screams infomercial. It's a device that the company claims will forever free you from needing cleaning chemicals. Instead, this device ionizes water so that it becomes super dirt-attracting. Sounds green, for a second - then you realize that they want you to buy a special (and expensive!!) device so you'll clean your house...with water. Sure, supposedly it's better water. But it's still water. The device's process is explained:

1. Charging
A water cell applies a slight electrical charge to the tap water.

2. Transforming
The charged water passes through an ion exchange membrane, creating an oxygen-rich mixture of positive and negative nano-bubbles.

3. Cleaning
The activated water now attracts dirt like a magnet and lifts it from the surface, enabling it to be easily wiped away.

Seriously, a bucket of hot water with lemon in it is just as "super" for cleaning and you don't need any dumb plastic gadgets that run - brace yourself - $170 to $300. Who would shell out $300 for a spray bottle so they can clean their house with special water?

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