Umbrella Inside Out Judges Announced!


The Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF), I.D. Magazine, and TreeHugger are pleased as can be with our Umbrella Inside Out panel of judges. William McDonough, co-author of Cradle to Cradle, will weigh in on the C2C umbrella aspect of the competitions! Joining him are Noah Robischon, editor-at-large for Gizmodo, BJ Averell of Amazing Race fame, our own Graham Hill, and the incomparable Julie Lasky, editor-in-chief of I.D. In the fashion corner, we have celebrated re-use designer Deborah Lindquist, along with Scott Hahn of Loomstate, and Rebecca Luke of SSF. Just to prove that indie rock and umbrella couture belong together, Scott Windsor of The Umbrellas (have you heard them yet?) will also choose his favorites. Learn all about our lovely judges here! Don't forget: after they choose the finalists, you will pick the winners on TreeHugger starting September 11. ::Umbrella Inside Out