Umbrella Inside Out Fashion Winner: Rainer Wolter!


Phew! This week felt like a re-use design roller coaster as we counted down our Umbrella Inside Out fashion design finalists. Designers conceived of or created new garments from discarded or used umbrellas, and they made it look easy. With some tough choices, readers picked Rainer Wolter's stunning Umbrella Redesign entry! Congratulations, Rainer! His dress will grace the runway at Paris's Ethical Fashion Show on October 13; he and the other finalists will appear in I.D. Magazine's December New and Notable issue. Thanks to all of the entrants for taking on the re-use challenge! And thanks to the Sustainable Style Foundation for making it all happen!

Next week we have more fun in store. For the other half of the competitions, readers will choose the winning Cradle to Cradle umbrella design! You will be amazed. Come back Monday! ::Umbrella Inside Out