Umbrella Inside Out Competitions: Accepting Entries!


The first ever TreeHugger design competition is here! In Collaboration with I.D. Magazine, we are asking for creative approaches to the umbrella problem. Of the 33 million sold annually in the U.S. alone, hundreds of thousands break down, facing abandonment and landfills. Designers (and aspiring designers!), give us either an innovative umbrella with a Cradle to Cradle(R) sensibility, or a women's couture garment fashioned from old umbrellas! Entry info is available here. Finalists and winners will be featured on TreeHugger and in I.D.! The winning couture garment will walk the runway at Paris' Ethical Fashion Show. The Umbrella Inside Out site will constantly feature fresh stories on re-use, Cradle to Cradle(R), and umbrella fun. Design away!