Ultra-Compact, Light, Eco-Modern Designed Folding Bike

Compact Large Wheel Folding Bike photo 1
What! Another folding bike? Surely Treehugger must’ve reviewed them all by now? Nope. They just keep coming. The Slingshot is different to many, in that it has a full size frame and wheel geometry, a little like the Paratrooper. But the most obvious difference is, that a quick glance would lead one to assume they forgot to fully weld the frame together. But instead of a total tube construction, the front of the frame is stainless steel cable. It’s an integral part of the bikes inherent suspension (soaking up to an inch of shock), while reportedly still providing a highly stable ride.Other environmental considerations are that the the frames are powder coated, which puts the paint on the bike, not mostly in the air, like traditional spray painting. And the bicycles have been handmade entirely in Grand Rapids Michigan for the past 20 years, meaning less concerns regarding transport and fair labour practices. $1,300 USD will get you a Slingshot mountain bike frame, like the one shown above. $2,165 USD for one with a full set of componentry. ::Slingshot [by WM]

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