UK Videoconference On Climate Change: September 20


What’s the UK doing about climate change? Something that they want to share with Israelis and Bulgarians. According to the UK’s cultural attache in Israel- The British Council- on September 20, the odd combination of Brits, Bulgarians and Israelis are going to videoconference with guest speaker Professor Robert Wilby, Climate Change Science manager from the UK’s Environment Agency. Wilby is planning to lead a discussion on climate change with Israeli and Bulgarian audiences and explain the role of the UK's Environment Agency. Anglophiles in Israel can meet up at the British Council’s office in Ramat Gan between 12:30 and 3:30 PM September 20 (03 6113626 or email). The event is co-sponsored by the British Council in Bulgaria, which runs a ZeroCarbonCity campaign to raise awareness on climate change. The videoconference is expected to attract government policy makers, NGOs, academics, researchers and journalists from Israel and Bulgaria. ::British Council ::Environment Agency

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