UK Town Goes Plastic Bag Free


Modbury, in Devon, has become the first town in Europe to stop using carrier bags. However, it was not due to government intervention or legislation, but a hard fought and won campaign started by local activist, Rebecca Hosking. She started single-handedly approaching and convincing store owners to stop using plastic, "I started with the traders who were my friends, suggesting to them the possibility of making Modbury plastic shopping bag-free." The Guardian are running an interesting article written by Hosking, explaining how she achieved what she did, "My best advice to anyone who wants their town to be free of plastic bags is that they are going to have to fight the fight themselves. You are in a far stronger position than when we did it because you now have Modbury as a success story." The impressive thing about this is the snowball effect that took place. It started with one person who managed to convince one or two shops to change, and eventually they all did. Let's hope that this effect works from city to city as well. :: The Guardian

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