UK Schools Set to Join Carbon Trading Scheme

With a long-term goal to ensure that every new school and home from 2016 to be built with a carbon footprint of zero, the British state schools are about to be included under the government’s new domestic carbon emissions trading scheme from April 2010 in a move that will enable teachers, students, and school district personnel to jump right into the mix when it comes to recognizing what impact their carbon emissions have on the Planet.Of course nothing works without incentives, so tying schools directly into local governments’ emissions permit quotas means officials will have real incentive to help schools find ways to reduce their carbon emissions while becoming more energy efficient rather than paying lip service to some governmental mandate or engaging in spotty implementation of best practices as can be the case.

And energy efficiency directly translates into fiscal savings, which means that local school districts will have a double incentive to cut their carbon emissions. A reality which should help the process move just that much smoother as schools have reason to become more receptive to the advice and assistance of their local governments.

Who knows, perhaps some day such a useful and intelligent idea will be put into play here across the pond in America, or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

via: Daily Times
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