UK Media Agency Grabs Attention with Low Impact Advertising

Low impact media agency Curb makes big impact with natural materials

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When you think of "green advertising", do you think of getting the message out on green issues, recycling the ad banners, or just plain greenwashing? The UK agency, CURB, claims to be "the first and only agency in the world to offer bespoke media solutions using solely natural earth elements." Even if you are not into the advertising industry, you will be interested to see what CURB is doing, and how. Giving greenwashing a new name is just the beginning...While some people might prefer a world without ads, advertising is probably here to stay. But so many adverts have a useful life cycle of seconds, using resources during printing and distribution only to land in the waste basket with barely a glance after being pressed onto unwilling victims via post or in the street. At worst, ads are a form of personal-space pollution. At their best, they are clever and amusing, but largely still not green. CURB is trying to change that.

Low impact advertising campaigns by Curb

Images: CURB

Although low-impact advertising and guerilla or tagging ads are not a new idea, CURB seems to be getting some traction with the idea. Perhaps this is because CURB knows how to make business where none exists: the agency prepared stamps for pressing the logo of sports channel and lifestyle brand Extreme into the wintry mantel resting on every horizontal surface in central London. Snapshots of the laser-sharp stamping impacts were brought to the attention of Extreme executives, and an ad campaign was born (Kudos to Extreme for knowing a good thing when they see it!) With the success of this campaign, CURB adds "Snow-tagging" to their repertoire of expertise.

Snow-tagging joins a portfolio of natural advertising options. Of course, steam-cleaning dirty sidewalks with logos belongs to the core of the business. CURB uses barrel-collected rainwater for the cleaners; no word on whether the process relies on renewable energy sources. But two other options make an end-run around the energy question. "Lowgrow" ads rely on award-winning horticulturists shaping logos or messages into grass or shrubs on site or with mobile nurseries. And "Solar art" consists of advertising messages burned into wood -- using a magnifying glass to focus solar rays on the surface to be burned! CURB rounds out their offering with sand sculptures ("Sand brand") and waterfalls (H2 Show).

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