UK Gladiators Cut Carbon Footprint by 35%

Image Credit: The Guardian
TV's Gladiators Go Green
When I search for gladiators on TreeHugger, all I find is a post on recycled sandals (who ever heard of an environmentalist wearing sandals!?). But now there may be another kind of green gladiator, namely the televisual kind. As a part of British TV network BSkyB’s impressive sustainability efforts, the show is aiming to cut its carbon emissions this year by as much as 35%. Lucy Siegle, over at The Guardian, brings us some think-outside-of-the-box thoughts on how the Gladiators can further cut their carbon footprint:

“Excitingly, the next series of Gladiators will be low carbon, in line with BSkyB's carbon-slashing agenda. Apparently it used 35% less energy to make the new series than the previous one.

There must be further gains to be made. Pugil sticks could be lightweighted in order to cut the transportation burden to Pinewood, the Eliminator could run at half speed. I don't know.

All joking aside, it is very good news for sustainability when mainstream shows like Gladiators start to take their carbon footprint seriously, and communicate this to their audiences. Meanwhile Lucy Siegle’s colleague, Alok Jha, explores the latest details of BSkyB’s sustainability drive, including energy efficient studios, and developing set-top boxes that switch to standby mode automatically.

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