Uh Oh. Katy Perry Gives Electronic Clothing Celeb Attention with LED Dress

Electronic clothing has been getting a lot of attention lately - at least from designers, who are crafting everything from functional jackets for cyclists that light up with turn signals to dresses that flicker like fireflies when the wind hits it. And of course there's the attention it gets from scientists who are working hard at figuring out how to blend fabric and electronics to turn t-shirts into energy collection and storage devices. But now, fashion that bases its flair off flashing lights is getting celeb attention too. Katy Perry made an appearance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and all eyes were on her - whether they wanted to be or not - thanks to her flickering LED dress. But...should we be a little worried?
Crunchgear writes that the dress is designed by CuteCircuit, which sells "wearable technology."

But they also underlined just why we might need to be concerned: "Is there, like, a male version of CuteCircuit I'm not aware of? Why can't I wear a hoodie with glowy-glow LEDs? Instant geek cred."

Electronic clothing is still a novelty, but now it's getting celeb attention in fancy, red carpet-ish settings, which means everyone will think it's cool. All before we have a chance to get a handle on the recylability of it. There's definitely a place for electrified threads - we love the turn signal jacket for cyclists as it's both stylish and a safety booster, and the idea of our clothing being able to (safely) generate electricity is appealing - but do we really want dresses and t-shirts studded with LEDs to become popular? We're very wary.

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