UCS: Join the Receipt Revolution

What do you normally do with your receipt from the gas station? If you get one at all, you probably wind up throwing it away. Instead of tossing that receipt, turn it into a powerful statement for more fuel-efficient autos.

We’re asking people in the USA to send their latest gas receipt to their Senators so their elected representatives can see what high gas prices do to voters’ paychecks.

It’s easier than dumping tea into the Boston Harbor. Your receipt, and your voice, can help channel Congress’ sensitivity over high gas prices into the real solutions we need to burn less gas, use less oil, and dramatically reduce global warming pollution. Check out an example from Scott Nathanson, the National Field Organizer for UCS’s Clean Vehicles program, comparing a receipt from his family’s station wagon and their other car, a hybrid Prius.

Head to our action center to find out the details. And, please take the opportunity to spread the word.

The average American spends almost $2,000 each year on gasoline. According to an August ABC poll, 94 percent of American are dissatisfied with the price of gas, and 44 percent are more than just annoyed — they're angry about it. No matter how you feel personally about gas prices, this is the perfect time to send our Senators a visceral, resounding message that we want more fuel-efficient choices before they head home for Election Day.

The average fuel economy of American automobiles has stagnated for over 20 years, despite advances in vehicle technology that could already be cost-effectively providing American drivers with fuel-efficient cars, pickups, minivans, and SUVs. And even though gas prices have dropped from their summer peak, there is no doubt Congress is still very sensitive to this issue. After all, the next price hike is only one driving season, one hurricane, or one busted pipeline away.

UCS: Join the Receipt Revolution
We’re asking people in the