U2 Responds to Mars Criticism With an Offset Website for Fans


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Take that, Helen Roberts of Carbon Footprint. Earlier this year, Roberts accused the U2 360° Tour of having the carbon footprint equivalent to a trip to Mars. Ouch. For someone who prides himself on environmentalism and social consciousness, that's one heck of a black eye for Bono. Not to worry, U2 is now allowing fans to offset the emissions of their show experience for a low low price. Plus, they get to choose from four different offset programs.U2 has committed to offsetting the emissions from both the 2009 and 2010 legs of their world tour. But, what better way to educate all of those thousands and thousands of concertgoers about climate change, than asking them to spare a few bucks ($1.89 USD to be exact) to offset the emissions of their concert experience. They're also suggesting you consider how you get to the show and either carpool, take public transportation or use PickupPal - the ridesharing side created specifically for U2 shows.

Once you've made it to the show using the lightest travel method possible, you still have to offset the emissions you're generating while being at the show. This is where Live Nation and Offset Options comes in. For just $1.89 USD, you can offset you emissions through one of four different companies. Your options are: Native Energy landfill gas to energy, Social Carbon ceramic fuel switching, South Pole hydropower station project in China, or Climate Friendly geothermal plant in Turkey.

If you're really feeling generous or feel like making all of your ticket-less friends jealous, you can buy offsets for all of them. At just $1.89 a pop, you can provide a "Wish You Were Here" note, complete with their just-in-case offset emissions. Or surprise your friends who are going by offsetting their emissions AND organizing the carpool to the show. The value of the offset itself was determined by calculating the average distance traveled to the show and then figuring out the related emissions generated for said distance of travel.

To find out how Live Nation is making the "largest concert in history" also one of the greenest, you can find out more about their environmental strategy online. At just $1.89 a person, its surprising the offsets weren't just built into the ticket price. Then again, maybe offsets have less meaning if you don't even have to do the work of purchasing them in the first place. No word on whether Live Nation plans to offset emissions from any of the other numerous shows it produces.

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