Two Years Ago in TreeHugger: The Hundred Mile Diet Discovered


The start of a new Sunday series where we dig into the archives.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. Trolling two year old archives is surprising for how many posts cover Exxon, modern prefab, solar messenger bags and yes, organic T's.

Yet much has changed. I have not put a tiger in my tank in two years, and like so many others, I have gone gaga over the hundred mile diet. Two years ago Mike did our very first post on it, coverage of their first article in The Tyee.

"On March 21, the first day of spring, we took a vow to live with the rhythms of the land as our ancestors did. For one year we would only buy food and drink for home consumption that was produced within 100 miles of our home, a circle that takes in all the fertile Fraser Valley, the southern Gulf Islands and some of Vancouver Island, and the ocean between these zones. This terrain well served the European settlers of a hundred years ago, and the First Nations population for thousands of years before."

The story resonated, and was picked up everywhere. It became an inspiration; a website; a fabulous book and a meme. Forty-eight TreeHugger posts either write about it or refer to it; Google lists 50,400 entries for it.

Congratulations to Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon for inspiring us all. Dig into our archives here.