Two Years Ago in TreeHugger: Prefabs and Lifestraw


It was a big week for prefabs; Justin noted two that have gone places since: the Micro-Compact House, in production and was installed at the Technical University of Munich. It was intended that the students live there for one term but they all loved it so much that they asked to stay for the full academic year. In less than 100 square feet.

Which makes the other new prefab Justin discovered look positively McMansionesque: The Sustain MiniHome, clocking in at 365 square feet, which Andy Thomson successfully built, and has been showing around Toronto (you can see it for the next two weeks at Harbourfront). Andy tells us that it is on the verge of a real production run.

Justin also showed the Lovetann Modular Homes, which does not seem to have made it out of the gate. Two out of three is pretty good in the prefab game.


Far more important than any prefab was the Life Straw, first seen on TreeHugger here.. We noted that "this product needs a philanthropist or great business plan behind it to make sure it gets to the right people. Keep an eye on this one. It's going to be big."

In fact, it's huge. It has been called Best Invention of the Year, the Invention of the Century, and the Europe's Best Invention. Forbes Magazine calls it one of the Ten Things That Will Change The Way We Live. Katie Couric said:

And what is this incredible breakthrough that has the potential to provide drinkable water for the 1.1 billion people in the world who live without it and to save 6000 lives each year?

It's a straw.

A drinking straw containing filters, iodine, and carbon. All at a cost of $3.00 a year per person, but that cost will undoubtedly come down. In Sub Sahara Africa the "LifeStraw" has the potential to change entire societies.

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