'Two Fords Freedom' Ad From the 1950s (Video)

Rearview Mirror
Sometimes, to better understand where you are, it's useful to look back at where you come from. The 'suburbia + 2 cars' model was sold to us as an improvement over the previous model, and on average we were willing buyers because the model did appear to deliver on some of its promises at first (it was quieter and roomier than the city, but still close to jobs and culture, unlike rural areas). But it created a whole slew of new problems, like the necessity for 2 or more cars to avoid leaving people - mostly women - stranded far from everything, social alienation, and rising environmental costs that the Earth's ecosystems simply can't support. What we need is a new model that solves these problems, and chances are that it will be an urban model but with cities that are more people-friendly than the cities of the past. Via Straight Outta Suburbia, Streetsblog

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