The Two Faces of Black Friday

the two faces of Black FridayConsumerist/Screen capture

Black Friday is a week away, the biggest shopping day on the American calendar. It is also Buy Nothing Day, the other great idea that came out of Adbusters besides the #occupy movement. I have suggested that it be renamed Jdimytai Damour Day, in memory of the guard who was trampled to death in a Long Island Walmart three years ago by bargain hunting shoppers. Instead, we have a woman in Tampa, who has set up a tent outside of the local Best Buy so that she can be the first person in next week. Consumerist reports:

You can't beat some of the deals they have on plasmas, flat screens and laptops," the young woman, who has coordinated her camp-out with three other families, tells Tampa's NBC affiliate. "We're all students; you've got to pinch a penny; it's affordable right now

The logic of why a student pinching pennies needs a plasma screen escapes me. More at the Consumerist.

The Two Faces of Black Friday
In Tampa, a woman is camping out in a tent in front of the Best Buy, to be the first to get the bargains.

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