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Have you ever thought about being a bee for the day? No? Seriously? Oh come on... flying around collecting pollen, doing your waggle dance or building honeycomb? What about acting like a drone, just hanging out waiting to get it on with the Queen bee? You see we humans behave more like bees than we realise. Today on Twitter there's a social experiment going on and you can join in. Part social biomimicry game, part environmental campaign, part digital media experiment Tweehive is creating a real buzzzzzz, all in the name of helping our bees.Colony Collapse Disorder
We have written much about the plight of bees and colony collapse disorder here on TreeHugger, but in the wider world not many people know about how crucial it is for the human food chain that we look after our bees. Tweehive aims to raise awareness on the grand scale that is Twitter and get as many people thinking like bees as humanly possible!

Social Biomimicry
As the Tweehive site explains one of the project's motivations is to "help people experience the wonderment of a bee colony, one of the most beautiful and advanced living systems that has ever evolved. As a way to engage people with natural systems and ecology. It's a microcosm of the idea that we need to rebuild a human connection with natural systems....The further you get into bee colony as 'superorganism' the more you realise we have to learn still from bees."

Mutually beneficial ecosystem

The clever thing about Tweehive is that, just like a real beehive, it aims to function as mutually beneficial ecosystem. The gathering swarm on Twitter not only promotes real bees, but also all the human bees taking part, building a network of enthusiasts, increasing follower numbers on Twitter and promoting relevant websites which are hosting pollen filled flowers that busy bees can collect whilst flying around the blogosphere.

Green Marketing
Tweehive was conceived by Green Marketing Manifesto guru John Grant and friends, and is being run in conjunction with Pestival, an upcoming festival in London dedicated to the amazing world of insects in art, and the art of being an insect.

Go check out the #Tweehive thread on Twitter and join in the buzzzzzzzz. There will be two more Tweehive days on 7th August and 5th September.


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