TV Turnoff Week: Switch it Off

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It's TV Turnoff Week, so just do it. From April 20 to 26 join millions of people worldwide and switch off your set. Find a more rewarding and active life--at least for a week.

Last year 5 million people in the USA alone turned off the box and found that they had all sorts of extra time to do things they had been meaning to do. Like talk to their friends, read a book, take a walk...

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The founder of the campaign which he started thirteen years ago, David Burke, sums it up: "The odd thing is that it wasn't until I stopped watching TV that I started feeling really strongly about it. Suddenly you walk into a room and everyone is watching TV and you think, 'Why isn't anyone talking?'"

The statistics about television watching are scary. According to the Financial Times, here in the UK, "84 per cent of men and 85 per cent of women rate television viewing as their most popular leisure activity. By comparison, "Spending time with family or friends" was chosen by 75 per cent of men and 82 per cent of women. People watched an average of 3.88 hours of TV a day, so by the age of 75 the average Briton will have spent more than 12 years of his or her life watching television." The average child by the time they are six will have watched a whole year's worth of television. More than half of three year olds now have televisions in their bedrooms.

Now that you are completely horrified and convinced that you will never watch the box again,
here's what to do instead of watching the tube:

* Invite over friends or family you haven't seen
* Pick up your local what's on guide and get out to see live entertainment
* Fix up your bike and take it out for a ride
* Walk around the neighbourhood, go to places you have never been to before
* Go to bed really early with your lover, partner - or a book
* Go though your stuff and sell things on ebay or do a car boot sale
* Listen to some new music
* Pay someone a surprise visit
* Dust off your cookery books and cook something amazing
* Get a new piece of technology e.g. An MP3 Player and work out how to use it
* Participate in a local event
* Join a political party
* Doing something totally wild. White Dot Campaign Via : Financial Times

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