Is TV good for you?

Mark Oppenheimer at The New Republic writes about the role of television in helping or hurting a family's dynamic:

We worry about all the things other parents worry about, from technology addiction to food additives, but also worry about stress and anxiety, and there's a direct relationship between those two sets of worries. You can get your children to eat all-organic, or to watch only educational television, parceled out by the tablespoon, but you'll drive yourself mad trying.
In truth, I suspect that both my parents' generation and my own have worried far too much about television. Or, rather, we've given it too much credit. TV probably can't destroy a good family culture, just as it never realized its promise of teaching children all sorts of things their parents and teachers couldn't. It's neither a prison nor a window to the world. It's just a box—or, nowadays, a flat, matte screen. Like other inanimate objects, it is what we make of it. (TVs don't kill families, families kill families.)

Oppenheimer also notes a 2010 study that suggests children with a television or computer in their bedroom actually spend more time playing in the outdoors. What do you think of his argument? Read the rest here. Does your household have rules about TV or computer use for the kids? Let us know in the comments.

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