Turn Back Your Clock and Fan This Halloween for Better Energy Savings

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Did you hear that right? What does reversing the direction of your ceiling fan have anything to do with time or temperatures? Plus, you can turn your heater down too, but who wants to turn the heater down when temperatures are already falling? According to Hunter Fans, it can provide you with energy savings and a warmer home. And no, this isn't a Halloween trick.Now that temperatures are definitely falling (in the northern hemisphere) with no sign of recovery for the next few months, it's time to crank up that heater, right? Well, what if your ceiling fan could actually help you out. We've long praised ceiling fans for their ability to cool rooms much cheaper than air conditioning units, but that advice was always for warm climates. Now those same warm climates can also benefit from using their ceiling fans in winter.

According to Hunter Fans, if you reverse the direction of your fan, you can lower the thermostat on your heating/cooling unit by at least 5 degrees "without losing comfort." This could save up to 10% on your monthly heating bill this winter, especially since 80% of homes in America have ceiling fans, but currently fewer than one in five homes know to turn back their fans.

So, how do you take advantage? Simply by turning the switch on your ceiling fan to spin the blades counter clockwise. This will direct all of the warm air that is trapped in the ceiling (warm air rises) and direct it downward to where you are. From now on, remember the rule: Fall back (clocks and fans), Spring forward (clocks and fans).

Happy Halloween!

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