Turn Back Those Clocks


OK, it is the morning after the time change and we are back to where we were supposed to be before the candy manufacturers and golf course operators lobbied the US government to extend Daylight Savings Time three weeks in the spring and one in the fall. DST allows more time on the links in the spring, and increases Halloween candy sales, according to author Michael Dowling. He tells the Star "candymakers were so eager to have Halloween included in DST that in 1986, they put candy-filled pumpkins on committee members' seats."

Don't forget to reset the nixies but also:
Setback Thermostats: Of course you own one, and don't forget about its clock or you will be getting up before your furnace does tomorrow.

Smoke Detectors: Change the batteries; if the detector is ten years old it is time to change it as well for a new one. Ionizing smoke detectors have a small amount of radioactive Americium and should not be thrown out in the regular garbage but dealt with as toxic waste.

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