At a time when modern society normally slows a little, so families can come together, thousands, maybe millions, have recently had their relationships torn apart. Tragic as the Asian Tsunami has been for many visiting foreigners, those that survived, can at least leave the physical horror behind and fly home. But for vast multitudes ‘home’ has been washed away, along with their loved ones. They have no other place. As we open our wallets and our hearts for those in dire need of our support, this is a concept worth heeding. All of humanity, has indeed, no ‘other place’ to go. This planet is our home. Even as refugees, we have nowhere else to flee. Nor do any of the other species, with whom we share this tiny, water-covered orb of life. Respect and care for one another, may just help us get along – in this one place we all call ‘home’. TreeHugger wishes a happy and safe New Year for you and your world.We have covered quite a few organisations, who work directly with developing countries, to provide sustainable livelihoods for their citizens. With attention focused on assisting our Tsunami stricken brethern in Aceh, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and nearby regions, it might also be an important occasion to reflect on the work done, year round, in these and other areas by such organisations.

::Design that matters
::Builders without Borders
::Intermediate Technology Development Group
::Trickle Up

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Image:The Great Wave by Hokusai