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Who doesn't love a good party, especially one that involves B100 (100% biodiesel) fueling stations? October 4, 2008, TS Designs and Piedmont Biofuels will co-host a ribbon cutting for their brand new B100 fueling station as part of their larger, first annual Green Gala. Known for pushing for better and better eco-friendly printing on clothing (not to mention 100% organic, made in America, and sweatshop free), TS Designs has also been quietly behind the scenes pushing to make their company as green as possible. Now, not only are they brewing their own B100, but they built a fueling station to provide biodiesel infrastructure for the community as part of the Piedmont Biofuels Community Trail.The event will feature food and wine from local environmental organizations. Lunch will be provided by Braeburn Farms and the ribbon-cutting will be held at 2pm. After that music and celebrating will carry on until around 6pm.

How Does the Fueling Station Work?

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Image source: Piedmont Biofuels

The fueling station is part of the Piedmont Biofuels B100 Community Trail, and is the greenest of all the stations with its own tracking solar array. The structure itself utilizes passive solar and is made from "Hebel Block with a Structural Insulated Roof panel." Members of the Biofuels Coop can quickly eswipe their membership cards inside for even easier fueling. This is the eighth fueling station to be built as part of the Piedmont Biofuels Trail.

What else makes TS Designs so green?

Well for starters they have not one, but two solar-arrays powering the facility. Their new 8.6 kW solar array was just completed last week by Honey Solar Electric. They also grow their own food on site on an organic farm. They have rainwater and greywater containment strategies throughout the property. All of these items will be open to the public to tour and view during the Green Gala.

As for the clothing, they print with the best available technology using fiber reactive dyes, with fewer salts and no heavy metals. They also print onto the tshirts and then dye them, which allows them to use less toxic inks during the dye process. Their inks are water-based, meaning they don't use plastisol which contains PVC and phthalates (most conventional tshirt dyeing uses plastisol).

So come on down October 4th to the Green Gala, where you can eat, drink and fill'er up!
If you plan on attending, please RSVP online. The event is free to everyone and will be held a the TS Designs facility, 2053 Willow Springs Lane, Burlington, North Carolina.

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