Tropical Nations' Artistic Legacy Endangered by Climate Change, UN Urges Protection

thai instruments photo

Lack of funds for preservation + climate change = many cultural objects could be lost. Musical instruments in Thailand, photo: Sandor Weisz via flickr

While it may have the same sort of immediate, human interest magnitude as say entire islands becoming uninhabitable, global climate change destroying the priceless cultural legacy of tropical nations is a genuine concern. According to UN experts, quoted by Reuters, a lack of archival storage methods, combined with increased fungal and insect threats could have devastating consequences for art:Jose-Luis Ramirez, head of the UN University’s program for biotechnology for Latin American and the Caribbean,

The art world is made of materials that bugs like. Climate change is a threat because it is going to increase the amount of fungus and bugs in many regions.

We Have a Responsibility To Protect Historic Objects
Konrad Osterwalder, UN Under Secretary-General:
Despite the current economic downturn, we all have a great responsibility to ensure historic objects are managed and used in a sound and sustainable way and to safeguard them from the potential effects of a warming planet.

As I said in opening, perhaps not as dramatic (or cuddly looking) concern as polar bears stuck on breaking up ice, but another destructive effect of global climate change: The history of generations lost because rising temperatures make it more difficult to protect them from the elements.

via: Reuters
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