Trippin' the Green Fantastic: Looking for Green Inventors!


Biodiesel homebrewers, hyper-recyclers and solar gadgeteers: take note! "Trippin' the Green Fantastic" is a new (not yet broadcasting) show on The Science Channel that is seeking out and spotlighting grassroots green inventors -- everyday folks who have taken it upon themselves to create their own ingenious solutions to environmental conundrums. Hosted by a couple of everyday guys who are passionate about being green, each episode will start with a trip aboard "Lady," a straight veggie oil-fueled SUV and trek across America on an awesome road trip adventure to find the homespun green gold: those far out, homemade eco-inventions. They're especially interested in folks in the American southwest: Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada -- we'll bet there are some fabulous solar DIYs and greywater recycling stories just dying to be told -- but are taking submissions from everyone across the US. If this sounds good to you, or would interest someone you know, and you want to be on TV (and who doesn't, really?), then we hope you'll sign up. The official call for entries and all the details are below the fold (along with a press release and more details about "Lady"). ::The Science Channel and ::Peacepoint ProductionsCall for entries:
Are you a grassroots green inventor who wants to be featured on a new television series?

Do you take it upon yourself to create your own ingenious solutions to environmental conundrums?

We’re looking to feature inventions and inventors from all walks of life that will inspire a greener globe!

A brief description of your savvy invention along with why your project is deserving of national attention should be included!

Photos would also be helpful, but aren’t necessary just yet!

Please put your city and state in the subject line and email us at: greeninventors(at)peacepoint(dot)tv

Press release:

Our hosts showcase three to four low-brow inventors every episode. Soon after the introductions the guys’ passion and curiosity take over –they explore the lives of the inventors to get a sense of the person and why they took ‘going green’ into their own hands. What was the ultimate moment of inspiration that moved them to action? What was the green problem that just had to be solved? How was the contraption built? What tools did they use –from duct tape to found items? Our hosts are fascinated by the processes of prototyping, testing and final application. They want to learn everything about the invention, including its limitations that perhaps they can help solve.

To make the exploration show-don’t tell, our hosts get as involved as possible with the inventor and his contraption -- testing, tweaking, rebuilding, enhancing and of course getting in the application of the contraption, whether it’s testing out a toilet bowl sink invention, helping build a solar panel from used CDs or tasting meals cooked in a dishwasher. For good episodic balance between ‘viewer accessibility’ and ’wow-factor’, the McGyver-esque designs range from simple to complex –from a cholesterol lamp made from cast-off plastic cartons to an entire residence living completely off the grid.

Between visits we hang with them doing the sustainable living thing -- stopping for fuel and negotiating their way into roadside diner kitchens to clean them out of their used grease and generally inspiring (not preaching to) all the Americans they meet along the way to get a little greener.

About the vehicle:
LADY is a refurbished, ‘tricked out’ Ford SUV that has been stripped of its gas guzzling ways and reshaped and reworked to include a bio diesel batch processing system and solar panels to boot. The bio diesel fuels the vehicle while the solar panel power is generated using the fuel system and runs the fold out stage and acoustics system, making Lady a true entertaining ride across country.

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