Trick Or Treat With A Caulk Gun

U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman makes a home more energy efficient. Image credit:U.S. Department of Energy Digital Photo Archive.

You might think next week's major holiday is Halloween, but 'round the Sierra Club offices we're a bit nerdier. You see, we're excited about Friday, October 30th: National Weatherization Day.

On National Weatherization Day, created by the U.S. Department of Energy, cities will be hosting events to highlight services and organizations that help people to make their homes more energy efficient. Across the country, federal recovery funds are helping people weatherize their homes for winter, creating jobs, and reducing energy waste.

It all relates to Halloween on a number of levels, really. Think about how many energy "vampires" there are in your home or office (devices that still suck energy even when not on), or think about how much less scary your energy bills can be if you weatherize your home. Did you know that the average family can save $350 a year on their utility bills after a retrofit? So it makes sense to us to tie the two holidays together.The Sierra Club is organizing several National Weatherization Day keynote events and generating house-party and service events throughout the country - all with the help of our Blue Green Alliance of unions and environmental organizations. That's right - unions are playing a major role in weatherizing our nation's homes and offices. Some unions, including Laborers International Union of North America already have programs set up to train folks how to weatherize homes and take advantage of the growing clean energy and energy efficiency economy.

The Sierra Club is working closely with these unions because of the difference we can all make in lowering home energy bills, fighting global warming and creating jobs by weatherizing our buildings.

But to get involved in your hometown, check out our National Weatherization Day website. You can help urge the Department of Energy and the Obama administration to continue to be champions of the green economic recovery.

Take some time to celebrate National Weatherization Day before Halloween next week - it could save you money! Around here, maybe we'll combine next week's two major holidays - and go as a caulk gun to the office Halloween party.

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Trick Or Treat With A Caulk Gun
You might think next week's major holiday is Halloween, but 'round the Sierra Club offices we're a bit nerdier. You

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