Tributes Paid to Green Champion Ted Kennedy Across the Blogosphere

Ted Kennedy 1932-2009 photo

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In the week that Senator Ted Kennedy's death closed a major political chapter in US history TH Blog Love looks at his influential role in the environmental movement. Yesterday Brian paid tribute to a "progressive green champion" and made a strong case for the "liberal lion's" commitment to clean energy and wildlife protection. Today we travel around the great green blogosphere to see how other environmentalists have paid tribute to Ted Kennedy's Issues: U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, Champion of the Environment and Clean Energy, Dies at 77 by Larry West
"Kennedy consistently place public interest above corporate greed, fighting to end government subsidies for oil companies and calling for environmental justice for low-income families who were battling air, water and soil pollution in their neighborhoods."

Care2: Ted Kennedy: Champion of Environmental Protection by Beth B
"Kennedy was a vocal advocate for environmental preservation and conservation throughout his lengthy career. Among other things, he supported disallowing an oil leasing program in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), a program that would have turned some of the most pristine wilderness in the country into an oilfield for what experts say wouldn't be more than six months of oil."

Grist: A crucial climate vote lost with Sen. Ted Kennedy's death by Jonathan Hiskes
"Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's environmental legacy was remarkable, wide-ranging, and not all roses. Joe Romm's got an early look at his record. But there's one clear and simple impact of Kennedy's death late Tuesday night: The push for a climate-change bill in the Senate lost a reliable supporter."

Sunfiltered: Teddy Kennedy's environmental legacy by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg
"As commentators, politicians, and friends mourn the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, much of the discussion has focused on the issue that the Senator himself described as "the cause of my life": health care reform. A tweet from fellow green blogger Chris Baskind reminded me that Kennedy also had a strong record on environmental issues."

The Sustainability Ninja: The Environmental Impact of Ted Kennedy's Death by Laura Gosselin
"Kennedy was a bit of an environmental hero, working hard to protect natural resources and to develop alternative energy sources. Kennedy also publicly supporting the study of the Outer Intercontinental Shelf and also worked to prevent drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. One thing Kennedy was not a supporter of, however, was Cape Wind, a wind farm in Cape Cod."

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