Trendwatching: (Still) Made Here

pearplusfactory.jpg "works hard to deliver inspiration and pangs of anxiety to business professionals" about the trends that boost or batter them. This month they pick up on one that every TreeHugger knows: Local sourcing.

"(STILL) MADE HERE encompasses new and enduring manufacturers and purveyors of the local. In a world that is seemingly ruled by globalization, mass production and 'cheapest of the cheapest', a growing number of consumers are seeking out the local, and thereby the authentic, the storied, the eco-friendly and the obscure."


They suggest that the three drivers are 1) social responsibility (from eco to ethics), referencing sources known to TreeHuggers such as No Impact Man and the Hundred Mile Diet, and the footprint labelling by Tesco and Timberland.


Driver 2: Story and Status: "consumers will increasingly end up purchasing the ingredients for a story, turning brands into STORY SUPPLIERS instead of the currently 'en vogue' practice of coming up with stories about brands." See Treehugger on ::Canteen


Driver 3: Support: "A third, ongoing driver behind (STILL) MADE HERE is the importance of community, especially because to many consumers, 'global' has come to represent faceless, rootless mega-corporations and supranational bodies, headed up by money grabbing executives whose golden parachutes seem to grow with the degree of incompetence they've let loose on employees and other stakeholders. Far from being chauvinistic nationalist movements, (STILL) MADE HERE and (STILL) SOLD HERE will increasingly be about supporting one's neighborhood, one's city, one's region, to regain a sense of place and belonging and to safeguard future access to the special and original, vs. the bland, the global and the commoditized. See TreeHugger on ::SmallMart