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Inhabitat: 2008 Green Holiday Gift Guide by Inhabitat Team
In their inimitably stylish way the Inhabitat team have put together a very desirable gift guide to help us buy eco-friendly presents for all the family this year. They've included suggestions for all budgets and we particularly like Make Your Own Gifts section.Jetson Green: Embody Ups the Green Chair Ante by Preston Koerner
"...when I was walking the exhibit floor at Greenbuild, the Herman Miller Embody chair caught my eye in a big way. Depending on the color you go for, it's a loud chair, if not flamboyant, but that's all part of its intrinsic ambition -- and probably why Embody will be the next, must-have chair for stylish office types."

People Tree Blog: Japan – A busy week! And how to sell 1000 organic cotton t-shirts by Safia Minney. "Well, if I’m going to fly back and forth it had better be a busy week. I worked it out to off set my CO2 flying London to Tokyo and back I have to sell over1000 organic cotton t-shirts! (Growing organically sequesters 1.5 CO2 emission per acre, that's 800 t-shirts per acre, at 2.5 tons of CO2 for a London - Tokyo return flight) So that’s why I have no choice but to work hard whenever I go overseas."

The Book of Rubbish Ideas: Have Yourself a Rubbish Little Christmas! by Tracey Smith. "It’s December and I’ve finally come around to the idea of thinking about Christmas. It’s not that I don’t like it; on the contrary, Christmas time is great. I just cannot stomach all the hype and perpetual consumer pressure that seems to start bearing down on us from about mid-October." This blog is a companion to the The Book of Rubbish Ideas, which you can now purchase from the Natural Collection
Trees Have Rights Too: Why we need a Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights by Polly Higgins. "Our planet is in crisis, and the United Nations are uniquely placed to implement the necessary foundations to create a new world where prevention and protection stand hand in hand. This is a campaign to encourage the United Nations to take this bold and vitally important step."

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