Treehuggery on MTV — It's Your Vote

Psst! Wanna get in on some guerilla marketing? Ssshh. Not so loud. Look here in my coat, got a lovely selection of reality TV programs - going cheap. No cost to you. All ya gotta do is vote. Wouldn’t ya wanna see a show on the box that is about bicycles, music, adventure, community, and environmentalism? Today, right here, right now, we can give you just that. Pedal across to MTV and keep Kipchoge in the race to win a mainsteam TV slot for his “Out of the Woods" show. Kipchoge is a co-founder of Xtracycle and a mate of the inventors of both Fossil Fool bike lights and the Bike Blender. These are three favs on Treehugger, so we figure you’d go for seeing Kipchoge and his pals sell the low impact, human-powered, eco message on the tube too. Important Reminder: DON’T vote for him. Vote for the others to CANCEL their shows and keep Kipchoge as a ‘survivor’. Go forth Treehuggers, save the day and get a cool, green show onto the teev. ::MTV Reality TV Voting