TreeHuggerTV: Who Wants to be an Internet Video Star?


The TreeHuggerTV team has a couple of messages for you. More after the jump...

Calling all green videographers!

TreeHugger is looking for eager, smart, savvy directors, producers, editors and the like to help us grow TreeHugger TV.

We don't have a lot of funds (yet) but we've got a lot of ideas and need more help to make them come to life.
In exchange for a lot of TreeHugger love and a small stipend, you'll get exposure on our website and beyond.
If you're interested and have your own cameras and/or editing equipment, send a link to your work, along with a brief email stating your background and the kinds of equipment you shoot/ post on to "video at treehugger dot com"


The future is green. Share it with us.

Do you have a great green story to tell?

If it's visually engaging, between 30 seconds & 4 minutes long, and can be uploaded (sorry we can't take DVDs or tapes) post your piece (or a segment of it) on You Tube or Google Video. Then email the link -- along with a short description of the piece and its length -- to "video at treehugger dot com".

If you have questions about making your video or compressing files, check out the Current VC2 Survival Guide – it's the best primer we've found.