TreeHuggerTV: Who Killed the Electric Car?, Choco Hydrogen, & Solar Wine

What does our oil dependence cost us as consumers? This week TreeHuggerTV gets the inside track on "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and finds out how clean, quiet, efficient electric cars were systematically pulled off the road and could have been useful during Hurricane Katrina. We also fuel your Umpa Lumpa fantasies with energy generated from chocolate waste, shed light on Fetzer Wines' new solar array, and get our green groove on with Barbara Streisand.

You can also rifle through our archives to read more about our news items this week. Why did the Smithsonian Museum see fit to remove the only fully intact EV1 on display recently? And news from the other side of the pond on how the electric car is fairing in London. For those of you who like to drink and drive (although obviously not at the same time!) you can find out more on Fetzer Wines and their solar plansWe hope you are all taking advantage of the proliferation of THTV screens on the TreeHugger pages these days. There is now a THTV screen at the top and bottom of every TH page! Don’t say we don’t spoil you! And so everyone can choose their favourite format here are a number of other ways you can choose to watch THTV: Subscribe to our weekly podcast from iTunes, so that you receive a new episode every week without any effort at all! You can also use the TreeHugger XML feed to subscribe. Or you can visit BlipTV, You Tube and Google Video. Last, but definitely not least, iTunes and Quicktime users, here are your links: iTunes MOV – Don’t forget to check it out!

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