TreeHuggerTV - What if. . . Convenient Truths Video Contest

Calling all THTV enthusiasts and budding film makers out there. Have you been watching the THTV episodes each week and thinking, "Hey, this is something I want to contribute to"? Well here is your opportunity to express yourselves! TreeHugger and Seventh Generation today are launching the Convenient Truths Video Contest. In homage to Al gore's film The Inconvenient Truth, which is released on DVD today, we are asking you to create a collection of inspiring and pragmatic short videos that provide actionable answers towards stemming climate change. The former vice-president himself has endorsed this video contest saying, "I applaud Treehugger's efforts to support An Inconvenient Truth with their "Convenient Truths" video contest. It's a great way to spread the word and bring the issue into our daily lives." So get out there, get inspired, get creative, and get filming. We need solutions to Global Warming and everyone of you can help us find them. To find out more about how to enter the Convenient Truths Video Contest please read Jessica's launch post and go to All your entries will be judged by a panel of Climate Change experts including David Suzuki, Laurie David, Cameron Sinclair and Daryl Hannah and did I mention that there are $25 000 worth of prizes to be won!

To start you off on some research here a some posts from the TreeHugger archives which discuss the threat of Climate Change. The Costs Of Inaction, Climate Change As Opportunity, Climate Change Threatens Vineyards, Climate Change Performance Index 2007.

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