TreeHuggerTV: Vampire Power

Boo! Happy Halloween from TreeHuggerTV. Ooooooh we've got a scary one for you this week! Come into the darkness with us and be afraid, very afraid, of the hidden powers lurking in your home. What kind of ghostly ghouls creep around your home at night? The phantom power currents may not be visible, but it's sure that they are slowly sucking the energy out of your home as you sleep soundly in your bed. Electrical appliances left on standby and plugged in power adaptors constantly use electricity. This draining of power contributes to the ecological impact your home has on the planet. Turn off appliances when not in use and use switches and power strips to fight these fiends. Drive a stake though the heart of Vampire Power this Halloween.If you think you are brave enough to be a Vampire Power Slayer, but want to find out how to start the fight you can wade into the TreeHugger archives to begin your training. First things first, remember to unplug your cell phone charger. Watch Energy Star's podcasts on consumer electronics. Look out for Wattstoppers and Smart Power Strips. Read about the UK's proposal to ban standby switches on Electronics. And finally if you get a chance pop by the MTV store in NYC to see their exhibit 'Everyday Green' to learn more about phantom power this Halloween.

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