TreeHuggerTV - Urban Homestead

This week THTV brings a whole new meaning to the term Urban Jungle! We’re not talking concrete and high rises, but about a beautifully green and fertile garden bearing fruit and veg for the community. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with the urban homesteaders Path to Freedom. The Dervaes family shows us how they coverted a 1/5 acre city lot in Pasadena, CA into an eco-oasis that has reduced their dependence on electricity by 2/3 and increased their goals of living sustainably and self-sufficiently. From installing solar panels to brewing biodiesel, Path to Freedom has started a what they call a "homegrown revolution. . .using their hands as weapons of mass creation."If you are interested in using your green fingers to grow your own have a dig about in the TreeHugger archives. Read about this month's National Allotment Week in the UK. Find out how gardening can slow Climate Change. Enthusiastic novices might want to check out John Laumer's series on Victory Gardens to pick up some handy tips. For the stylists amongst you we recommend the solar light plant pots. We understand that some of you might not have 1/5 of an acre to play with, but that doesn't mean you can't have a veg patch - Leopoldo City Vegetable Garden is the answer. For those of you don't really want to get your hands dirty and like the easy option you should take up some Lazy Gardening ideas.

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